The Able Label, innovative fashion retailer, is celebrating the recent launch of a new range of womenswear clothes specifically designed for people that have dressing difficulties.  The Able Label clothing range is available via the brand new e-boutique ( or by phone (01622 828994).

Extensive research and design has resulted in this bold new range of stylish, comfortable and high quality clothing which will inspire confidence and enhance independence. The Able Label seeks to make dressing easier – an achievable task instead of an impossible chore.

Easy touch closures instead of fiddly fastenings help those with physical difficulties and the colour co-ordinated tape and hook and loop fasteners inside, aid those who may have cognitive difficulties.  When worn, you’d never know the clothes were adapted – it’s our secret!

Drawing on inspiration from her grandmother (who had difficulties dressing due to Parkinson’s), director, Katie Ellis, sought to address some of the day-to-day issues that can arise – independence, the desire to remain stylish and to maintain a sense of identity in spite of reduced dexterity and impaired mobility or cognitive skills.

In creating The Able Label, Katie drew on her experience as a fashion buyer at White Stuff clothing along with her extensive research of the challenges faced by wearers and care givers via focus groups to design the range.  With the support of retail guru, Sally Bailey, she has launched this range of clothing into a market that is underserviced in terms of stylish and suitable clothing solutions.

High street clothing is not suited for those women that suffer from either restricted movement, lack of finger dexterity, arthritis, the effects of a stroke or the general impact of ageing.  It is not just the wearer of the clothing that will benefit – care givers and healthcare professionals are also clamouring for these stylish and adaptive designs which are quicker, easier and safer to use.

Debbie (56, has rheumatoid arthritis) – “They are easily velcro’d open and closed and are easy to wear”

Linda (68, has osteoarthritis) – “They are so flattering, comfortable and easy to wear as well as very easy to use”

Imogene (28, had a brain haemorrhage) – “I think they are brilliant! The designs are wonderful and they are perfect for those who have difficulty dressing. I especially liked how the tops didn’t have any buttons. Colours inside the clothes made them easier to get on”

Su (50, had a stroke) – Su has a fixed flexion meaning she has to dress one handed, but her greatest challenge has been “loss of self-esteem and physical attractiveness” but says that: “The Able Label clothes are pretty yet practical”.

The Able Label e-boutique is available at:

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