Dan Greaves (ENG) wins gold in the men’s discus with a throw of 59.21m at Hampden Park today.

Aled Davies (WAL) took the silver with a throw of 46.83m and Richard Okigbazi (NGR) the bronze with 39.38m.

Dan GREAVES (ENG) – gold

On why the Commonwealth Games is important to him:
My parents were watching the Brisbane Games when my mother was in labour (about to give birth to me) in 1982, so the games have always held a very special place in my heart.”

On winning gold:
“I am really chuffed with throwing 59.21, which is a regular throw for me now, so I was able to replicate what I do in training. I would have liked to have thrown 60m, but a medal is a medal.

“It was a good throw and shows the consistency I now have. It was great, I managed to drop one out.”

Aled Davies (WAL) – silver

On the gold medallist Greaves:
“He delivers a tremendous performance every time I tried to match him. I wanted this so much. We knew that he was going to win, they’re phenomenal athletes, you just have to hope you deliver.”

“I gave it as much as I could of course I wanted to win gold, I was always aiming for gold. At the moment I’m gutted but over time I’ll see the positives.”

Richard Okigbazi – BRONZE

On winning the bronze medal:
“I’m so happy to have won my first Commonwealth Games bronze. I’m from Nigeria, I’m Richard Okigbazi WOOOOO (rips off his track suit top).”

About the athletes…

Dan Greavesbv (ENG)

Dan Greaves

Origin of Impairment
Congenital – Genetic 

Impairment Details
He has a congenital foot condition known as talipes [club foot] and underwent multiple operations as a child.

Start of sporting career
He took up athletics in 1996 at age 14 in Loughborough, England. 

Reason for taking up this sport
He showed potential at a young age, so decided to pursue it at elite level.

To compete against able-bodied athletes at the Olympic Games. 

He trains at Loughborough University’s High Performance Athletics Centre [HiPAC] three days a week.

Most memorable sporting achievement
Winning the gold medal and breaking a world record in the discus throw at the 2004 Paralympic Games in Athens. 

German discus thrower Lars Riedel. 

Most influential person in career
His parents, his coach. 

Superstitions / Rituals
He has a pair of lucky socks and always listens to the same music before he competes. 

Sporting philosophy / motto
“Quitters never win and winners never quit.” 

In 2001 he became the first Paralympian to represent Great Britain in an able-bodied junior international event after he was selected for Great Britain’s junior team. 

Aled Davies (WAL)


Impairment Details
He has no muscle or articulation from foot to hip. 

Start of sporting career
He began athletics in 2006 at age 14 in Cardiff, Wales. 

Reason for taking up this sport
He was introduced to the sport by friends. 

To win gold medals at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland, and to compete at an international level in able-bodied athletics. 

Most memorable sporting achievement
Winning a gold medal at the 2012 Paralympic Games in London.

Superstitions / Rituals
He listens to music before he competes.

Sporting philosophy / motto
“Wing it.” 


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