best-in-show-trophy-naidex-awardAfter reviewing entries from the Naidex 2016 Innovation Trail, the Segway style Genny Urban wheelchair by Genny Mobility was given the ‘Able Magazine, Naidex 2016 Best In Show Award’.

The Innovation Trail produced a diverse short list of entries covering assistive technology and adapted design relating to all aspects of the disability marketplace.

The new to the UK Rewalk Personal 6.0 by Rewalk Technologies came third with the Medimotion Motomed MUVI claiming the runner-up spot.

Commenting on the level of innovation in his presentation speech, Able Magazine editor, Tom Jamison suggested that “Even after 20 years of discussing disability products and when we think we’ve seen it all, Naidex again proves us wrong.”

Craig Tibbles received the Award and told Able Magazine that they were “very flattered” adding that “we’ve seen lots of innovative products so for us to come first is pretty good going”.

About the Genny Urban


This modern two wheeled personal mobility device uses a self levelling system derived from the Segway, meaning it can go forwards or backwards, accelerate and brake just by using intuitive upper body leaning movements. Steering is simple too, with just a light push left or right on the handlebar and Genny boasts an exceptional turning circle.

Cutting edge Italian design, thanks to Paolo Badano, Genny’s creator, takes the focus away from disability and reflects the individuality and style of the rider instead.

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(Information from Magic Mobility)