Get Cycling are a not-for-profit giving you impartial advice and a choice of over 150 new and refurbished cycles in stock. Come to their try-out centre in York! They have 40 different formats of trikes including the folding trike, handcycles of all sizes and types and wheelchair transporters!

Cycling is the ideal alternative to travelling by car for people wanting to get more active. Disability is definitely not a barrier to getting on yer bike!

There really are cycles out there for every need; there are no limitations because pedal-powered technology is infinitely adaptive.

The arguments and benefits of inclusive cycling are overwhelming, such as: independent mobility, physical empowerment, cardiovascular health, muscle strength, mental health, access to the outdoors, social inclusion, skills development, equality of opportunity and just plain fun.

Cycling stimulates the senses with the sounds, smells and sensations of the real world. It is unique in its ability to harness an individual’s energy and converting it into exciting movement.

Different forms of transport suit different people at different times. Community interest company, Get Cycling, has the largest and most comprehensive range of disability cycles in the UK. Below is a brief selection of some of the more popular cycling options for disabled people.


Upright tricycles are great fun and Get Cycling stock models and sizes to suit their smallest to their very oldest customers. It’s really a matter of ticking the right boxes. Low step-through frames offer easy access. Folding frames help with transportation and storage. Fixed wheel transmissions and extra low gears can help people with reduced muscle tone or limited strength and dexterity – and because they’re on three wheels, can even be equipped with a reverse gear.

Accessories include various pedals for keeping feet in place, torso supports and grip aids. Almost all cycles can be fitted with electric assist – to get you home if you run out of puff.


Multi-seaters come in all shapes and sizes – and Get Cycling offer them all! The traditional tandem bicycle (with ‘Captain’ in front and ‘Stoker’ behind) is the most popular option, but not suitable for everyone. If the captain wants to be able to keep an eye on the stoker then a rear steer tandem is the solution. And if a stoker requires assistance to get aboard then consider a tricycle or even a four wheel side-by-side cycle for superior stability – it can stand alone while everyone clambers aboard.

For many people a ‘sociable’ multi-seater is the best choice – and of course, any of these can be fitted with appropriate adaptations and accessories.


Handcycles are the answer for people whose arms are stronger than their legs. Just like regular pedal-cycles, they come in many forms depending on the type of cycling that you want to do. At one end of the scale are the elite performance race machines – but we concentrate on entry-level and mid-price points: delivering decent performance for cycle path or road with maximum value for money.


Get cycling is a community interest company that pride themselves on finding cycling solutions for everyone. Visit their website for more information:

Tel: 01904 636812