Leonard Cheshire Disability is to present to a United Nations audience the charity’s ideas on how more employment opportunities for disabled people can be created in the developing world.

The international development community convened in New York on Monday for the tenth anniversary of the UN Convention on The Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Assistant director Alessandra Furtado will showcase examples of where and how private sector companies support Leonard Cheshire in funding work skills programmes in Africa and Asia.

Global head of influencing, impact and learning, Ola Alghaib, will then present ideas to help shape a new framework for disability inclusion -and accountability – in efforts to end world poverty.

The framework is being created by our partners the World Bank to ensure that international development projects reach disabled people.

The World Bank estimate that 20 percent of the world’s poorest people are disabled, representing a priority for international development organisations looking to end global poverty.

‘Leonard Cheshire Disability works closely with the United Nations, the World Bank, the International Labour Organisation and others,’ said Ola Alghaib.

‘Along with creating employment opportunities, we enable thousands of disabled children to receive education in mainstream schools, and we are at the forefront of global efforts to improve methods for collecting reliable data on disability.’