In everyday environments, small front castors help with balance and steering but these can become suddenly redundant and overwhelmed in more challenging settings.

Mountain Trike have a range of wheelchairs with large drive-wheels at the front. They still have castors but they are raised off the ground so that there’s still an anti-tip feature. The Mountain Trike name comes from the single wheel positioned at the back.

Mountain Trike have also pioneered a system whereby instead of running wet or muddy rims through the hands – and using brakes to steer – they have a ratchet system that enables users to propel themselves by ‘rowing’. It can also transfer the necessary torque needed to carefully clamber over barriers and take on gradients.

The pivot steering lever also acts as a joystick controlling the rear turning wheel, meaning that unlike on standard wheelchairs there is no need to use the brakes and run down any momentum gained. (It also makes for smoother steering as well.) Hydraulic brakes and air suspension keep the wheelchair balanced, comfortable and safe along the way and yet it folds up neatly for stowing back in the car, etc.

Tel: 01270 842616
Price: £4,495