Through her platform Cripping Up Sex With Eva, Eva Sweeney gives classes about sex and disability, topics that are not talked about nearly enough in our society. As a queer teen with cerebral palsy, Eva could not find adequate information about integrating her sexuality with her disability–so she created the information herself. She now has over 15 years of experience giving workshops all over the country about sex and disability. Through Cripping Up Sex With Eva, Sweeney continues to do workshops both in-person and online and she has an online store with pre-recorded classes. Additionally, she has two blogs: Cripping Up Reviews, where she reviews sex toys through an accessible lens, and Crip Q’s where she answers anonymous questions about sex and disability. Recently, as part of the Paving My Own Way short documentary series, filmmaker Chelsea Javier detailed Eva’s work with sex and disability; the video is available to watch here.

About Cripping Up Sex With Eva

Eva Sweeney has been doing Sex and Disability workshops for 15 years. She started doing this work because she found a huge lack of good sex-positive information for people with disabilities. She wrote a book on this and has travelled the country giving workshops about Sex and Disability. She is also available for private consultations.

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