Quickie wheelchairs latest launch, the Jive M2 Sedeo Ergo, redefines powered wheelchair technology inside and out!

The game-changing powered wheelchair features their most advanced mid-wheel drive base to date and incorporates:

  • NEW! SpiderTracTM 2.0 suspension – enjoy a smooth ride over uneven terrain with superb traction and excellent stability plus minimal forward pitching even when descending kerbs.
  • NEW! C-Me technology enabling users to raise up to 30cm whilst travelling at speeds of up to 3mph
  • NEW! Advanced Sedeo Ergo seating system – able to support complex seating and positioning needs
  • NEW! Control at your fingertips – operate household appliances such as phones, computers and home entertainment systems from the comfort of the chair with a choice of control options, including: the R-Net advanced joystick, 5-Switch box, Infra-Red, Bluetooth, iDrive and Quickie Assignable buttons.

The amazing biomechanical seating system on the Jive M2 Sedeo Ergo really has to be tried. It mirrors the body’s natural positions and means contact with the footplate, headrest or chin controls is never lost. It also maintains good posture during transitions. Each Jive M2 Sedeo Ergo has six uniquely customisable seating options that can be programmed to any position, making the chair a tailor-made solution to a user’s lifestyle and clinical needs.

Quickie’s powerchair back catalogue is renowned for combining superb indoor and outdoor performance and the Jive M2 Sedeo Ergo literally takes this to the next level with C-Me technology. This provides users with the ability to rise up to 30cm whilst travelling at speeds of up to 3mph so they can seamlessly interact with the environment around them – whether that be getting a better view, getting a round in at the bar, or accessing that hard to reach shelf!

The new powered wheelchair literally turns on its own axis and its compact mid-wheel drive base provides access to tight spaces. A low seat-to-floor height gives access under tables and desks.

Outside its access all areas again with SpiderTracTM 2.0 technology combined with gyro-tracking to ensure superb stability on uneven surfaces and Quickie’s patented anti-pitch system to maintain stability on kerbs and slopes.

The new sports suspension option provides a stiffer and more responsive ride and provides full suspension in C-Me mode, as well as offering full suspension in turns and deceleration. Traditional comfort suspension is also available.

More information on the Quickie Jive M2 Sedeo Ergo can be found at www.sunrisemedical.co.uk