Social isolation and loneliness strikes the most vulnerable groups in society hardest. Two of the most exposed groups are those over the age of 80 years and children and young adults with long-term illness.

In the UK, more than 9 million people say that they often or always feel lonely. You cannot look someone in the eyes and see that they are lonely. It does not discriminate on age, gender, or across borders.

No Isolation is a Norwegian startup, founded in October 2015. Our mission is to reduce involuntary loneliness and social isolation by developing communication tools that help those affected.

Step by step, we are working towards reaching our main goal: to end involuntary loneliness and social isolation. These are global problems that can affect anyone, and we are accelerating fast in order to meet the demand and ensure that we fight loneliness on a large scale.

Insight, innovation and ideas are highly valued and encouraged within the company. We always focus on the end user for our products, and user experience design is the very foundation of how we organise our work. We identify problems and test our products with users while working across the different teams of expertise within our company to create optimal solutions.

We believe technology should be created for those who can benefit from it the most, and work hard every day to find well-suited solutions for those who do not use communication technology today. We strive to develop niche products that are just as sleek and functional for the end user as generic products are for the mass market.



Location: 239 Old St, London EC1V 9EY, UK

Contact Number: 020 3695 9242