Comes straight out of the box and collapses into readiness. A little pressure locks the seat span into place and you know you’re ready to get going.

The handles are easy enough to raise to the appropriate height. The brakes are independent on both sides and can be locked when a sturdy lean is needed or you want to have a sit down without jeopardy of rolling away.

The front wheels are deliberately large (24.5cms) enough to make it easier to deal with kerbs etc whilst the back wheels have mudguards that will prevent trousers or skirts getting caught or dirty.

To fold away simply pull up the seat and allow the rollator to stand in its own slim footprint in the porch or under the stairs.

Looks very tidy with smart black paint finish and attractive miniature hold-all for small items of shopping etc.

Max user weight – 130kg


Able Product Reviews 4 Star