As we get older and start to raise families, it’s sensible to consider life insurance, to prepare for protecting your loved ones when you are no longer here. Life insurance is relatively simple to acquire and as a disabled person, you should be able to find plenty of options available to you, although there will likely be a few things to consider.

If your disability is not life threatening, there should be no discrimination made against you in terms of obtaining life insurance. On the other hand, for those disabilities that could cause a change in your health condition, insurance providers may be able to charge higher premiums, or refuse the policy altogether.

Alternatively you could consider ‘life insurance with exclusions’, which promises to pay out after your death, so long as your passing wasn’t related to your disability.

Another option that may be available to you is known as ‘group life insurance’, in which you receive a life insurance policy through your own employment or through an organisation. However in this case, you are required to remain an employee or member of the organisation up until your death, in order to receive the entitlements.

It cannot be stressed enough, just how important it is to carry out thorough research and to speak to any insurance providers of interest, before applying for cover. By doing research beforehand, you’re sure to find the best cover for you, without any mishaps further down the line.

We thoroughly recommend taking a look at specialist disability insurers such as Fish Insurance or Chartwell Insurance who may be able to offer a policy that’s much more suitable for your requirements, compared to other standard providers.


Have you been a victim of discrimination?

Feeling discriminated against can be incredibly upsetting, especially when it comes to being rejected for necessary insurance cover.

If you suspect you have been a victim of discrimination, contact the Equality Advisory and Support Service, who will be able to help. Alternatively, head over to the Equality and Human Rights Commission website, where you will be able to fi nd plenty of information and assess whether or not you have been discriminated against.

Equality Advisory & Support Service

www. equalityadvisoryservice. com

Equality and Human Rights Commission

www.equalityhumanrights. com

British Insurance Brokers’ Association