Worthing Theatres presents the inspirational Simon Weston: My Life, My Story, telling for the first time one man’s journey from the front line of war, being on the edge of death, to today being a happy and contented father, grandfather and national treasure. He appears live at the Connaught Studio, Worthing, Thursday 19 March.

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Simon Weston OBE was trapped on the burning RFA Sir Galahad after it was bombed by two Argentine planes during the Falklands War. He barely escaped after suffering burns to 46% of his body. He is one of the most recognised faces of the conflict and in this show he discusses his experiences with David Fitzgerald, former Sky News anchor and close friend, as they tell his truly inspirational tale.

It was the conflict of a generation and one that many people will never forget. On the second of April 1982, Argentina invaded the Falklands Islands with the aim of recapturing them through a claim that they had inherited the islands from Spain in the 1800s.

The Islands, which had been in control of Great Britain for nearly 150 years, became a battleground and the UK Government were quick to defend both the Islands and its inhabitants. What was to follow saw 655 Argentine Soldiers and 255 British Serviceman slain.

Amongst those who were sent to the conflict was Simon Weston OBE.

In one of the most horrific moments of the conflict, the RFA Sir Galahad was bombed by two Argentine planes. Aboard at the time was Simon and this was an event which would change his life forever.

Eventually, and against the odds, Simon escaped the burning and buckled ship, but only after suffering 46% burns to his body. He went on to have numerous operations. Today he has become one of the most recognised faces from the conflict and for the first time ever, Simon is taking to the stage to tell his story with no holds barred.

Taking him from that fateful day to current times is David Fitzgerald. There will be highs and lows, and questions that only David can ask with answers only Simon can give, but the shocking truth of the conflict, the day and the years that followed will be shared.