Set up by Paralympian, Sophia Warner, the Superhero Series powered by npower is the UK’s one and only disability sports series for the Everyday Superhero.

Dedicated to the UK’s 13.3 million people with disabilities and long-term injuries, the Superhero Series gives families and friends the chance to get involved in sport together and feel like they’re in the majority, not the minority.

As founding partner, npower’s main aim is to help more families enjoy these events. That’s why, for the Superhero Tri, we assist participants with support rafts and volunteer swimmers to help them across the lake and on to the next stage.

“Alex has autism and has experienced severe seizures all his life. Thanks to the dinghies at Superhero Tri, he managed to achieve one of his great wishes – to do an entire triathlon from start to finish!” – Alex’s mum

Our Support Squad, made up of npower employees, is also there to cheer participants on as they make their way around the course.

We want anyone with a disability to feel like they can get involved in sport and we couldn’t be prouder to support this fantastic, feel-good, full-throttle event! If you want to sign up and save the day, join us at Dorney Lake, Windsor for the next event in the series: npower Winter Wonderwheels on 2 December 2018
npower, Title Partner of Superhero Series

Did you know..?

There were 30 Celebrity Team captains taking part in The Superhero Tri in 2018 including David Weir, Adam Hills, Jonnie Peacock Menna Fitzpatrick and Jen Kehoe. Over 10,000 people attended on the day. The youngest participant was 3 – the oldest 82!