“I am very happy as I love working. I’m a baker so I’m so pleased that Team Domenica helped me to get a job making cakes for the afternoon teas at The Grand hotel.”

When Zac first joined Team Domenica, he had high levels of anxiety and found it hard to be in group situations. Lacking in confidence, he found social interaction very difficult, often isolating himself from others and choosing not to take part in activities.

We quickly recognised Zac’s potential as a natural and talented baker. Through in-house work experience at Café Domenica and taking part in our enrichment programme, Zac’s ability to manage his anxiety and difficult situations greatly improved. Our supported employment programme offered him high levels of social interaction and continued to develop his communication skills, confidence and independence.

Based on his career aspirations, our Employment Centre matched Zac to a supported internship with partnered employer The Grand hotel. With ongoing support to Zac and the employer, a permanent position of paid employment was offered.

“What an eye-opener, a journey I thought I’d never take, but so very glad I did. Working with Zac has taught me so much about myself and he has been an inspiration – his dedication, commitment and confidence has grown to unbelievable heights, to which I applaud him, it is an absolute pleasure to offer Zac a position at The Grand hotel.” Alan White, Executive Chef, The Grand

“Zac has come so far and Team Domenica has helped him so much. It has made the difference between paid work and a life on benefits. His confidence is so built up. You lot make a difference…there’s only a limited amount a family can do. It’s always been at the back of my mind – what happens when I go? This is such a huge relief and way forward. More places like Team Domenica could provide a meaningful life for those with learning disabilities.” John Chandler, Zac’s dad

“His commitment to his work is apparent in everything he does, from arriving early to start his preparations on time, to learning and perfecting his recipes. Zac’s speciality is the orange polenta cake which he now makes with enthusiasm and confidence – which includes zesting 40 oranges, a big achievement for any accomplished chef! He has been told it’s the best yet and the guests all enjoy it with their afternoon tea.” Becky, Team Domenica Job Coach