Some like to watch the world go by when they’re on holiday but others enjoy nothing more than getting their adrenaline racing and doing something adventurous when they jet off on vacation.

By Niamh Duffy

Here at Limitless we understand that our tours can be taken at whatever pace suits you and that includes considerations regarding any equipment or access needs you have. Our main aim is to ensure that you have the most stress, hassle and worry-free experience. All you have to do is enjoy yourself!

Go back in time

Is there really any better way to truly understand a country’s history than to experience it for yourself? Go back in time to 1314, take your place on the battlefield and witness how two kings – Scotland’s Robert the Bruce and England’s Edward II – changed the path of Scotland’s history.

Be prepared to dress up as a medieval warrior and, using state-of-the-art 3D technology, experience medieval combat for yourself to learn about this historic event. Or take a stroll across the grounds where the Battle of Bannockburn took place, take in the stunning views and see Pilkington Jackson’s iconic equestrian statue of Robert the Bruce, alongside a memorial cairn.

Our customers often say this is the highlight of our Scottish tour. Two in particular, Janice and John had not been away in many years, after John had a stroke. After visiting, Janice said: “I have not seen John this animated in years; he is telling everyone about his holiday. Limitless Travel, you are a lifechanger.”

Take to the water

Take to the water and see a completely different view. Whether this is on the canals of Amsterdam or the Lake District’s Lake Windermere.

Amsterdam is best seen from the water, and on a fully wheelchair accessible canal cruise you’ll experience the best of this incredible city. With a guided tour as you cruise, you’ll discover new buildings, bridges, and much more in a city that’s rooted in history but that continues to change and evolve. From the 17th-century tilting buildings lining the canals with intricately carved gables to the
expanding 21st-century city that Amsterdam has become.

Go from the city to the countryside as you sail on the breathtaking Lake Windermere, located in the heart of the Lake District and England’s largest natural lake. You’ll be treated to stunning views of mountain scenery, secluded bays, wooded islands and local wildlife.

Not your everyday

Break through the clouds and take time to appreciate the best that Mount Teide, Tenerife, has to offer: namely, its views. At 3,718 metres, this dormant volcano is in every sense of the word, the highlight of
Tenerife. On a clear day the other Canary Islands are visible, otherwise just enjoy the majestic sight of the ‘sea of clouds’.

Our on-board guide points out all of the best views and lets you know all about the island’s volcanic centre and its origins as you follow a route through Vilaflor, Cañadas del Teide and finishing in
the seaside town of Los Cristianos (a destination renowned for its general accessibility).

During the tour you’ll be immersed in the Canarian culture as you venture away from the tourist areas and meander through quaint villages including Vilaflor, which dates back to the 16th century.

Let your senses go wild

Let your senses go wild as you take in the smells, sounds, tastes and feel of a Belgian Christmas market. If, just like us at Limitless, you’ve got a sweet tooth, then a Belgian waffle is a must, slavered in traditional Belgium chocolate or have a sip or two of a Belgian beer. We recommend the Duvelorium, Bruges, a fully accessible, cosy bar, where you can learn about speciality beers, sample one for yourself and enjoy a priceless view over the Bruges Market Square from the Terrace.

The Grand Place, Brussels, in December, is the epitome of Christmas. With a towering Christmas tree and nativity scene, it sets the foundation for what is bound to be a wonderfully festive break. Head to the square on the hour and watch as the guildhalls, Museum of Brussels and the Town Hall glow in time to Christmas carols as people gaze around in awe. It’s a definite ‘must do’ for any trip to the Belgian capital.

Tip – the cobbles can be an issue for wheelchair users but the worst patches can easily be avoided.

Something for the whole family

Are you a daredevil looking for exciting rollercoasters or are you after enchanting attractions and spectacular park shows?

At Efteling, located in the Netherlands, everyone will find what they’re looking for, no matter what their age or ability. Meet one of the many inhabitants of the Fairytale Forest or grab some food in the park: you’ll find everything from takeaways to medieval dinners and delicious pancakes.

Although attractions have access restrictions, for example, height and physical condition, Efteling are doing everything they can to ensure all of their customers are comfortable and have the best possible time away. Some rides can also be experienced through virtual reality, meaning that if you are unable to ride the attraction, you don’t have to miss out on the experience.

“As much as I love relaxing on holiday, experiencing new things brings with it an excitement that is often indescribable and something I want to encourage others to feel. Whether it’s going back in time, climbing mountains or immersing yourself in the culture.”

Niamh Duffy works for Limitless Travel

We have tried and tested local transport, hotels, and activities and picked out the very best of the best at all of our destinations. So if you fancy ticking these exciting experiences off of your list, visit: or give us call on: 0800 069 8060 and we’ll do the rest…

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