The WHILL Model C powerchair has a fantastic futuristic look about it while retaining the sort of subtlety that shows more of the person than the chair. It could well help to point the way for how wheelchairs will develop. The compact frame definitely has certain practical advantages not least that the short wheelbase and narrow design lend it to being highly manoeuvrable (with responsive controls) in tight spaces and making it an ideal chair for indoors. Having said that, take it outdoors and that same turning ability (helped by amazing omni–wheel system) combined with excellent stability, durability and 10-mile range mean that it’s equally at home in the fresh air. Indeed, although it looks sleek it will quite happily take on everyday obstacles.

It can also be dismantled into three easy to lift components that fit neatly into a car boot.

Available to purchase from LIDA Disability Consultants:

Tel: 0800 112 3114 or 01324 227549