If you have a health condition or disability finding an accessible toilet that’s clean, tidy and available for you to use can be a challenge. Even when you find one, they are often locked, leaving you frustrated and literally inconvenienced!

The National Key Scheme (NKS) is designed to help disabled people wanting to get out and about who rely on the use of decent public facilities. Disability Rights UK runs the key scheme specifically to enable disabled people to enjoy independent living by installing special locks on public disabled toilet doors to give disabled people priority access. Local authorities have adopted the scheme and ‘Radar toilets’ (as they are often known) can now be found in shopping centres, pubs, stores, bus and railway stations and other locations nationwide. 

Key1How it works

The system is very simple. The Radar key gives you independent access to locked public toilets around the country. Although the provider of the toilet has a key, with your own key there’s no need to wait for a member of staff to unlock the door which can take a few minutes (of sometimes uncomfortable waiting) and be slightly embarrassing – as if you’re asking permission to pee! The Radar key puts you in control and gives you back dignity and independence.

Keys are ergonomically designed for grip and leverage and are available with either a small or large head to suit different levels of dexterity. Furthermore, they are individually tested and guaranteed by our authorised master locksmith, providing you with the confidence to rely on them to work every time. 

Disability Rights UK has a vision of equal participation for all.  This is a concept that permeates all aspect of our work and is often based on the small adaptations and inclusive design aspects that can make a big difference to people. 

Because Radar facilities are kept locked it means that they are far less prone to abuse and vandalism which means that you can expect to find them in good order when you need them.

Beware – Don’t risk a cheap copy!

Radar locks have very tight tolerances which need accurate keys. A copy may work sometimes or not at all. Is it worth saving a couple of pounds if you can’t spend a penny? Order your genuine Radar key from us now.

Your fee (and any extra donation you care to give) will help Disability Rights UK continue its work. Radar is now part of Disability Rights UK who administer and manage the National Key Scheme.

We rely on key sales and donations to enable us to maintain the scheme and keep our database up to date. Order your key – and regional listings of Radar toilets from us by visiting our online shop. 

To find out more visit: www.disabilityrightsuk.org

Ordering a key

The National Key Scheme (NKS) offers disabled people independent access to locked public toilets around the country. Costs (including VAT): for UK and European delivery – £5.40 and for Rest of the World delivery – £6.50. (Listings of toilet locations are available for £3.50 per region.) 

Important – We only sell the Radar NKS Key to people who require use of the toilet facilities due to their disability or health condition. By purchasing a key VAT free you are declaring yourself eligible to claim VAT relief and that the key is for your domestic and personal use only. The key is only available VAT free for individuals, if you are buying on behalf of an organisation such as a care home then you must pay VAT.