UntitledIn the field of prosthetic technology, it was the Egyptians who pioneered the development of artificial limbs. In fact, archeologists in Egypt were able to unearth the oldest artificial body part on record: a wooden toe. Made from wood and leather, it was found attached to the remains of a 3,000-year old noblewoman. During the Dark Ages, prosthetic limbs were used to save a knight’s lost limb and from possible embarrassment. However, it was the seafaring pirates—thanks to the imagination of Hollywood filmmakers—who made wooden and metal prosthesis infamous to this day.

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With visionaries like Dr. Ambroise Pare and Dr. Peter Verduyn helping advance the technology through their research, it finally led us to develop a more advanced artificial limb—the i-limb ultra revolution. Designed for people who want the most versatile hand prosthesis available, it’s a bionic hand that can be calibrated using a mobile app. According to the information we found on O2’s page for the iPhone 5; the device’s advanced operating system and Bluetooth connectivity, makes it easier for users to program their prosthesis to fit their personal needs. With this great feature, it helps users to achieve independence and live normal lives.

Advanced Features

Combining technologies like i-limb digits (prosthetic fingers), i-limb ultra (prosthetic hands), virtua-limb (simulation tool), and the biosim-I and biosim pro control software gave this artificial hand an edge over other powered prosthetic hands. Now, users can bend its fingers at the natural joints, which allows it naturally grasp any object. Aside from offering more dexterity, users can now choose from a list of automated gestures and grips to help them with their daily tasks. Now, they can grip small objects with precision, type on a keyboard naturally, and even let their hands rest naturally. A new set of remote electrodes were added to give its users a higher level of sensitivity, and give them better control. Also, with its vari-grip and pulsing features, users can now properly tie their shoelaces or hold heavy bags more securely.

Powered by the biosim-i Mobile Application

One of the i-limb ultra revolution’s most innovative features is its biosim Quick Grips application. With a single tap from a user’s smartphone or tablet, he or she can instantly access 24 quick grips to control or calibrate your prosthesis. Customize your grips, add them to your favorites list, and create triggers to fit your daily routine. If users want to check if their artificial hands are functioning properly, they can use the app’s hand health check feature any time. Also, users can view their hand’s muscle signals through a real-time graph.

With a great number of innovative features, products like these will help its users achieve a better quality of life. Ian Stevens, Touch Bionics CEO said that “We believe that the i-limb ultra revolution, with powered thumb rotation and the ability to quickly access multiple grip patterns, offers unparalleled dexterity and control, enabling wearers to more easily perform activities of daily living and thus increase their quality of life.”


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