Beautiful Survivors is an initiative dedicated to recognising people who have been victims of circumstances beyond their control but still emerge as winners. We also want to recognise families who are impacting the communities.

The Patil Family were selected to receive a special recognition award as a Living Testimony of faith and perseverance.

The family was recognised as truly remarkable, on a mission to create positive change, inspiring others and impacting people in a positive way.

According to Mrs Patil, it was an extremely emotional moment to see Disha and her husband Dayanand Patil sharing the stage to receive the award.

“Seeing the stories of so many Beautiful Survivors, I felt there are so many brave and courageous people around who have seen more tough things than one can imagine and the way they face the world and win is commendable.

“We as a family are extremely thankful to LOANI for recommending our name, giving us a feeling that we are a bigger family. It was an honour to receive the award from very inspiring Dr Anna Kennedy who is the founder of Autism’s Got Talent.”

According to the CEO of Beautiful Survivors, the aim is for beautiful survivors to be part of a great initiative, saving and transforming lives.

The Patil family is one of the families we will be working with to create more awareness for parents with disabled children. We are now working on hosting special parents workshops where patents with disabled children can connect and share ideas. Next month we will be hosting special mums coffee mornings. We want to appreciate them and give value to their lives.

The Patil family have made a real positive impact to other parents.