The THERA-Trainer range of equipment offers the chance to continue exercise at home from the sitting position. No matter what level of mobility you have the THER-Trainer bikes will have you cycling to improve your health and stamina from your own front room.

We are always delighted to hear from customer’s how our bikes have changed their lives and improved not just their mobility but their general health and well-being. 

One of our customers shared his story with us and we are delighted to share it with you.

Paul’s Story
When faced with life following a spinal injury I knew I would have challenges and struggles along the way, to maintain my fitness, strength and moral.

I was determined to include exercise in my daily routine, so the idea of buying the THERA-Trainer was mainly to improve my muscle strength and cardiovascular activity. Little did I know it would do so much more!

I use the bike for 30 minutes every morning and have noticed a continual improvement in my muscle power; even my blood pressure has dropped and bladder function has improved to the point that my medication has been reduced. My doctor was very impressed at my last check-up.

The simplicity of the bike is what makes it a perfect solution for me. I can be fully independent when cycling and at the end of every session I can get a report that shows me how I have done during the session. When I see the improvement I have made over the weeks and months it keeps me going back for more. The bike allows me to exercise my legs and arms, and I am able to increase the resistance which means I am becoming stronger as I can now cycle at a higher resistance. I now look forward to my daily routine and know that I am keeping my muscles going and having some fun along the way. My family have seen that I am stronger; my breathing has improved and I have more energy than before.

I am so glad that I have bought my THERA-Trainer bike from Medicotech – it has changed my life!

In these difficult times of lockdown and isolation we must all find ways of trying to stay as fit as we can and by using the THERA Trainer bike on a regular basis you will only feel better and fitter.

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