When you need support, finding the right kind is imperative to maintaining a good quality of life. However, relying on family members or regular short visits from domiciliary care agencies may not meet all needs, which can lead to feelings of helplessness and dependency. A more flexible approach can be life-changing. 

Why choose live-in care? 
Live-in care involves a dedicated carer moving into an individual’s home, providing 24-hour support tailored to specific needs. Live-in carers enable people to live independently in familiar surroundings, preserving a sense of community, and support while pursuing personal goals.

“There was no reason I couldn’t join again.”
When Carolyn planned to improve her mobility, she worried. “I had put on weight again,” Carolyn says, mentioning her struggle to move comfortably in her chair. Carolyn, alongside her live-in carer, Katrina, came up with a solution. Katrina reached out to a local weight loss group, allowing Carolyn to join weekly virtual meetings over the course of the pandemic.

Care team power
Katrina’s support extended beyond the virtual meetings; she aided in meal choices, prepared nutritious dishes, tracked weight loss progress, and provided daily exercise encouragement. Carolyn’s nightly bed sit-ups and wheelchair exercises became not just routines but accomplishments. 

Now, Carolyn feels much happier and healthier. Her parting advice: “Make sure your scales are calibrated”.

The right care, at the right time
Live-in care can provide a level of support with unmatched flexibility, adapting as needs change over time. That way, people can live life on their own terms and focus on their goals and aspirations – without having to worry about receiving the right kind of support.

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