unnamedWe are one of the UK’s largest and most popular universities with 37,000 students on 1,000 courses, and over 4,000 staff; we are proud of our diverse community.

We work hard to embed inclusivity and fairness into everything we do and ensure that we consider disability in our planning and service provision.

  • Business Disability Forum named us ‘Best Public Sector Organisation’ in 2013 and awarded us Silver in their Disability Standard.
  • We are a Disability Symbol employer commended for exceeding requirements.


(MMU Student Testimonial)

I realised that I had dyslexia in the last year of college and naturally, I was nervous and lacked confidence. Having dyslexia, I found that I questioned my abilities because I felt I couldn’t do what other people could do. I had difficulties in processing information and it took a long time to read the core texts. I almost felt ashamed, so arrived at university without the confidence to disclose my disability. This meant that I was not able to explore or take up the support MMU offers.

Once I chose to disclose my dyslexia, the care and guidance that MMU offered was a deciding factor in staying at university, and it enabled me to accomplish my studies. I have been given a laptop with specialised software for my dyslexia. I also meet with a study coach on a weekly basis. They enable me to pinpoint my weakness and strengths, which has been fundamental to my progress. I truly appreciate how MMU take the responsibility of passing information about my requirements to my lecturers and other relevant staff through a Personal Learning Plan in a confidential and professional way. My lecturers have also been very supportive.

Subsequently, I have gained a positive attitude towards my dyslexia. The support has made me realise the potential I have and the means to achieve my ambitions. I do not regret telling the University and I am thankful I did. I am very grateful of the help and guidance I have received and encourage others to do the same.

Sanna Amir, Third Year BA (Honours) History Student


(MMU Staff Testimonial)

I have been an Insulin Dependent Diabetic (Type 1) for about 30 years. Type 1 diabetes develops when the insulin-producing cells in the body have been destroyed and the body is unable to produce any insulin. Type 2 diabetes develops when there is not enough insulin or the insulin is not working properly. Type 1 can be managed through daily insulin injections, a healthy diet and regular physical activity.

I have worked at MMU for three years and the University has supported me with my condition in lots of ways. I take regular breaks and snacks which is especially important when I am busy co-ordinating and setting up events.  Sometimes, when my blood sugars are very low, I can wake up with a bad headache and feel very tired all day. The University has put in place a reasonable adjustment that allows me to work from home when this happens rather than commute in to the workplace. This means that I can continue to be productive when my condition affects me badly from time to time.

I am grateful for the support, encouragement and guidance that colleagues at the University have given me, so that I am able to continue to enjoy my working life at MMU.

Kirti Mistry, Project Administrator , Student and Academic Services, MMU

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