Scissors can be tricky to master for young children and can make for fraught moments for parents or teachers that worry about the potential for accidents with the sharp blades. The mini easi-grip scissors are just two thirds the size of standard scissors and have a springy self-opening loop that means they are lighter, easy for small hands to control and do not require the intricacy of controlling them through finger loops.

One of our younger readers, with hypermobility, was encouraged by an OT to try them because of his low hand strength and finger dexterity. Because of the self-opening loop he could apply his whole hand to the job which was much easier for him. Because the scissors can be used equally well with either hand, the fact that he is left-handed was not a problem.

Because the scissors rest in an open position, the blade guard is handy for safe storage.


Price: £4.25

Able Product Reviews 4 Star