Clear Law Solicitors are a Leading National Firm of Personal Injury Solicitors specialising in Serious and Catastrophic, Brain Injury and Clinical Negligence litigation.

It is crucial that victims (and their families and carers) who have suffered the devastating effect of life-changing injuries are able to access expert legal advice and support at the earliest opportunity to maximise their prospects of rehabilitation, whether by treatment and the securing of interim payments to alleviate financial hardship.

Our Team Leaders are accredited with the Association of Personal Injury Law and have achieved outstanding results in complex and difficult cases. But it is realised that they cannot achieve this alone and the key to successful outcomes cannot be achieved without their specialist lawyers supported by access to the best barristers, medical experts, case managers and rehabilitation and treatment providers. We have that access.

We will support you at each step of the way, and at the conclusion of the case once the final compensation has been received, we will continue to assist you and your families by ensuring that there is support provided where necessary for care and rehabilitation needs and in respect of the financial investment of compensation to secure a regular and secure income.

And we never lose sight of the fact that at the heart of each case is You, the Client.

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