Able Magazine is proud to support M-Enabling Forum Europe in Dusseldorf.

The M at M-Enabling stands for mobile applications and the mobile network that connects all devices and services.

Over one trillion people worldwide live with impairments or belong to an aging population.

This is a market that is still under-exploited for new and advanced mobile applications and services.

The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities is one of the fastest-negotiated human rights: adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 2006, it has now been signed by more than 160 countries and ratified by 172 countries. (As of May 2017)

G3ict’s mission is to promote and facilitate the accessibility of information and communication technology under the Convention on Human Rights.

The M-Enabling events offer G3ict a platform to implement their project and reach the various stakeholders.

M-Enabling Summit has developed successfully with over 600 conference attendees, 160 speakers and 58 sponsors at last year’s event.

Other forums have already taken place in San Francisco, Moscow, Sydney and Milan as part of the M-Enabling Global Briefing Tour.

From 2018, M-Enabling Forum Europe will be organized annually in Düsseldorf. Organizer: E.J.Krause & Associates and The Global Initiative for Inclusive ICTs(G3ict)

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