RMC is the first social enterprise in Scotland to offer reconditioned mobility equipment to people affected by welfare reform and are committed to projects that help disabled people find employment.

In fact RMC aim to balance economic, social and environmental benefits to the local community, in what they call the ‘triple bottom line’.

They provide quality, affordable reconditioned mobility equipment at around two thirds the price of new. There’s a lot of heart in what they do since by supplying affordable equipment, disabled people can gain access to the local community, family and friends thus reducing isolation. To date they have provided over 2,000 people with reconditioned mobility equipment with the environmental ‘win’ being that using calculations of equipment weight, they’ve managed to reduce around 1,300kg of waste to landfill per year.

Employment opportunities

They also offer one-year employment, training and volunteering opportunities to those furthest from the job market, including disabled people, as well as two-month-long graduate internships each year. (They are also involved with the SUR programme working with undergraduates studying electrical and mechanical engineering in remanufacturing.)

The results speak for themselves since so far, they’ve offered jobs and work experience to nine trainees and eight volunteers as well as working with SUR over two years helping 10 undergraduates with the majority going on to find employment, further training or starting their own businesses.

The next move for RMC is to expand their workspace, adding a further workshop for storage and training area to accommodate more trainees and volunteers, all working towards a brighter future for everybody.


T: 0141 261 3441