Andrew Dunn, 21, has learning difficulties, a visual impairment and other physical issues. He is taking a further education programme at RNIB College in Loughborough and explains what he has gained from college life: “I have learnt so much: how to work independently and in a team, using the computer and working in an office. I have become more confident and my work placement has taught me better social and communications skills.


I like working in the art centre shop, selling things and talking to customers. I also enjoy working on our eBay project, using the computer to list items for sale and sending emails to customers.


After college I’d like to be a painter and decorator and college has helped me develop the skills I’ll need for this job.


RNIB College Loughborough has taken me on a journey from being a young boy – scared and frightened to do anything – and given me a new life by helping me to try new things. My family don’t worry about me so much now and are happy to see a whole new me just starting to burst out.”


Andrew’s brother Jonathan is also at RNIB College. Their mum, Debbie, says it’s had a positive effect on both boys: “Jonathan and Andrew have become great young men and are so happy to learn at college. They can now do so many things independently. As long as they are smiling, I am smiling too.”