“Team Domenica has helped me to build up my confidence and made me feel good in myself. I’m really enjoying my work at the Co-op and feeling a part of the team.”

Prior to joining Team Domenica, Katrina had applied for a number of jobs and despite having a strong skills base, was unsuccessful. This rejection led to a huge loss of personal confidence.

Team Domenica has since helped a very fragile Katrina to build resilience through working in Café Domenica and personal mentoring. Significantly, making mistakes in the café and learning how to recover from them have hugely boosted Katrina’s confidence. Through Team Domenica’s supported employment programme, Katrina’s progession to external work experience placements helped her to develop the communication and social skills that she is now confidently using on the shop floor at the Co-op.

The dedicated support and training given from a Training Leader has seen Katrina flourish, so much so that she has now been in paid employment for a full year. She also acts as an ambassador for Team Domenica, and a kind and empathetic mentor to less-able candidates in the programme.

It wouldn’t be the same without Katrina now. She’s part of our team. It’s great to know that certain jobs, such as the chilled delivery on a Tuesday, will be taken care of and that you don’t have to worry about it being doneChristy Tomlinson, Assistant Manager at Southwick Co-op.