The Able Label is a new innovative range of beautiful clothes, designed to make life easier for women who like to look good but find high-street fashion a challenge to wear.

Before now, easier to dress clothing options by other companies have been limited to very basic and often frumpy styles but The Able Label has designed a range that will increase independence, without compromising the design and range of the clothes – appealing to a wider, stylish audience.

The Able Label makes dressing an easier, achievable task instead of an impossible chore. Easy touch Velcro fastenings instead of fiddly buttons help those with physical difficulties and the colour coordinated tape and Velcro fastenings inside, aid those who may have cognitive difficulties. There is also no overhead dressing.

Ease of Dressing

Our clothes have all been specifically designed to make dressing easier. No more fiddly button fastenings and no more over the head dressing.


All our fabrics and our garments are of the highest quality. All jersey styles are made in Portugal, known for their expertise in this fabric.

Easy Care

All fabrics are machine washable at 40 degrees unless stated otherwise. Cool iron if needed. Always wash with fastenings closed.

Effortless Style

Our stylish clothes are easy to mix & match. They can be worn season after season.

Trialled, Tested and Loved

All clothes have been rigorously tested by customers and Occupational Therapists.

Because we Genuinely Care

Founder Katie’s grandmother had Parkinson’s, so she saw first-hand the difficulties her grandmother faced in dressing. Not just for women with Parkinson’s, the clothes are for anyone wanting easier dressing.

The range is the brainchild of Katie Ellis, a former fashion buyer, who was inspired to launch the line after witnessing her grandmother’s struggle with the neurological condition, Parkinson’s. Drawing on this personal experience, Katie sought to address some of the day-to-day issues that can arise – independence, the desire to remain stylish and to maintain a sense of identity in spite of reduced dexterity and impaired mobility or cognitive skills.

Each style can be purchased in sizes 8–22 as standard with some available up to 26. Prices start from £25 and all clothing is eligible for VAT relief.

The Able Label clothing range is available via the e-boutique Alternatively, call 01622 744242 or email to request a catalogue or for further information.