The RNIB Shop hosts a large selection of products suitable for people with visual impairments – from practical tools to lifestyle and leisure items.

Here are a couple of useful products from the RNIB Shop that we’d like to share with you…

Easy to see measuring jug with braille tactile gauge
Preparing meals is fundamental to a person’s independence. This easy-to-read measuring jug and tactile gauge are designed to be suitable for people with visual impairments, enabling them to measure liquids, as part of a recipe.

The jug has an easy-grip handle and useful locating recess in the spout to make pouring easier. Naturally, it features large bold markings in millilitres, pints and UK fluid ounces and has a capacity of 1,300ml/2.25 pints.

The tactile braille measuring gauge, which fits over the rim of the jug enables users to measure liquids by touch. Again, the measuring gauge has tactile and braille markings for millilitres on one side and fluid ounces on the other and is made of high temperature-resistant, food grade polypropylene.

The gauge operates simply by placing a finger on the required mark before filling the jug to the required level – when the user will feel the ingredient touch their finger – though this method is not advised when dealing with very hot ingredients.

Both the jug and tactile measuring gauge are microwave and dishwasher safe, (though hand washing with warm soapy water prevents scratching and erosion of the surface detail) and are designed to be used with the talking kitchen scale.

Price excl VAT: £19.50

RNIB digital radio
Anyone with sight loss who is in the market for a top-quality radio should consider the RNIB digital radio.

This easy-to-use radio has several features that make it a great choice for people with visual impairments. To start with, it has tactile buttons and an extra-large, easy-to-read display with high contrast characters to help people with low vision – as well as more innovative features, such as a message function that can be used for reminders – and is compatible with USB sticks from RNIB’s talking book service. (A handy feature for using the talking book function is that it will be bookmarked at the point you stop – ready to resume at the same point when you next decide to listen to it.)

Control buttons give audible confirmation when pressed and a white text on black display uses uppercase and lowercase letters to make reading easier, while voice prompts can talk you through features such as tuning. (Buttons for initial set-up and recording memos, such as reminders to take medicines or for appointments, are concealed beneath a flap when not in use.)

The radio is tuned for the spoken word but can be adjusted to suit whatever you’re listening too, for example, jazz, classical, pop or rock. The radio has two 3W RMS stereo speakers and a headphone socket and can be powered with batteries or plugged into a socket.  

The radio also has a temperature display with low room temperature alert option, dual alarm with snooze function, a sleep timer, and the option to pre-set three FM and three DAB+ stations as favourites.

The radio has been certified ‘future-ready with FM, DAB and DAB+’ by Digital Radio UK.

Price excl VAT: £99.99

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