Wheelchair users who participate in watersports will often harbour frustrations about not being able to keep their wheelchairs dry or themselves warm after a dip. ableMove has the answer…

ableMove will again be at Naidex to showcase their ableDry product; a blanket that can be draped over a wheelchair in readiness for the user, fresh from the water. Nobody enjoys sitting on a damp cushion or leaning on a damp armrest for the rest of the day – and indeed it’s not good for the skin either.

The ableDry features an anti-slip base, again good for users in preventing shearing movement, as well as a waterproof backing and water-absorbing topper.

It’s also useful for people that experience incontinence, and the flaps can be used to cover the legs once back in your wheelchair, providing that extra bit of dignity and protecting from the chill. The ableDry can then be rolled up and stored away with ease.

You may also know that ableMove has released other innovative products specifically for wheelchair users, such as the ableHarness, ableSling, ableStrap and Airport bag – all designed with input from wheelchair users – for the benefit of wheelchair users.

Visit: www.ablemove.co.uk