24 & 25 April 2020, RICOH Arena Coventry

The British Association of Prosthetists and Orthotists (BAPO) is excited to invite you to our Annual Conference.

Developers and suppliers of P&O devices will be present, giving you a unique opportunity to ask questions and meet charities involved in the field. You’ll also have full access to our clinical programme which already has some fantastic speakers announced!

Prof Gary Berke – Xtremity Socket and
Contact Detection in Myoelectrics
Prof Pamela Gallagher – Managing AT Expectations: What, why, whose and how?
Christian Pankhurst – Mental Health Screening in Diabetic Foot Clinics
Joanna MacKenzie – Stance Control Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis:
Assessment Through to Funding
Alan Hutchinson – 3D Printing in Prosthetics
Ivan Phelan – Use of VR for Upper Limb Training
Russell Pizzey – Orthotic Joints and Bars: A Technicians View
Adam Horrocks – Who’s Prescription is it Anyway? Are we Focusing Enough on the Materials we Select for our Orthosis?
Malgorzata Serafin – 3D Printing in Orthotics
Mick Barton – Workshop Waste: Zero to Landfill

Dr Mike Dillon
(Keynote) – Informing Difficult Decisions
about Dysvascular Partial Foot and Transtibial
Amputation Using a Shared Decision-Making Approach
Jessica Herrick – Hero Arm Update
Angus Harper – Living with Guillain Barre Syndrome
Kate Kinch & Laura Wiggins – CPIP’s
Tim Cooney – Composite Fibre Materials in Support of
Orthotic Science
Katie Prosser – Orthotist Job Satisfaction: The Evidence and
What Can be Done
Mitchell Graham – How to Improve Your Communication with
BSL Patients
Emily Greenan & James McVicar – Adapting Clinical Testing
for Patients with Autism
Matt Pearson – P&O in Lower Middle Income Countries –
Challenges and Opportunities
Susie Fraser – Dementia
Monica Smith – Fast and Simple ABPI Assessment – Allowing
you to Compress with Confidence

We are also very pleased to have partnered with LimbPower who will host a family sports event on Saturday; an excellent opportunity for those who want to get involved with sports rehabilitation. A Diabetic Foot Conference will run alongside our own event over the weekend, focussing on the multidisciplinary approach to management of the diabetic foot with renowned Podiatric Surgeon, Dr David Armstrong attending as the keynote speaker.

To view our speaker abstracts and keep updated visit:
0141 561 7217

The Black Tie Ball, featuring the dynamic, 5 piece live band The Alleycatz. Whether you want to schmooze around, strut your moves on the dance floor or just unwind after Conference, this is the place to be. purchase your tickets at www.bapo.com, or email us to book your place now!