BBL Batteries offer VRLA (valve regulated lead acid) ranges that include the full suite of Yuasa NP and Yucell batteries. 

They offer a premium ‘Bluetooth technology’ lithium iron phosphate battery range in their trusted house brand, AVON LFP which will offer a significantly lower cost per cycle option. Additionally, they also offer a super deep cycle alternative under their AVON brand, the AVON ADC, perfect for deep cycle applications. Furthermore, they offer a comprehensive range of mobility batteries and battery packs covering nickel cadmium (NiCad), nickel metal hydride (NiMH) and li-ion (lithium ion) which are commonly used for mobility hoist and stairlift applications. Indeed, they can offer a quality solution for every conceivable application. Even if it’s unique, their specialist battery pack team can design and assemble bespoke packs based on a customer’s exact requirements.

As BBL Batteries celebrates its 50th year, it remains a leading UK mobility battery specialist, embracing the latest technology and helping businesses make the most of fantastic opportunities.

BBL Batteries is increasingly focused on the development, introduction and distribution of new and improved battery technologies to market.

Founded in 1972 and proud to remain one of the few fully independent family enterprises in the aftermarket, BBL Batteries understands that being successful in an ever increasingly competitive market is down to a number of core competences. These include, experience, expertise and unrivalled, superior customer service, as well as the desire to solve problems and advise on solutions that work for our customers.

BBL Batteries source batteries from across the globe and have longstanding relationships with the world’s leading manufacturers. This enables them to ensure a consistent stock and onward supply of premium quality batteries at fantastic value. A dedicated in-house team assemble both bespoke and ‘off the shelf’ battery packs which can be delivered the next day.

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