BrightSign allows you to teach it any sign language that you can think of, even one that you have made up yourself.

One of the biggest problems with existing solutions for people with hearing and speech impairments is that they all assume that everyone is the same. This is of course, wrong! With over 100 different formal sign languages being used in the world, and thousands more individual variations and sign systems, it simply isn’t good enough to support just one or two languages.

You might well ask, for example why a signer should be limited to just one traditional spoken language for their communication. The answer is obviously that they shouldn’t have to be. BrightSign accommodates more than 30 different languages to translate their signs to, in real time, while signing, even if they don’t know the language themselves. With both spoken and text output, it even enables languages with different alphabets, such as Arabic or Mandarin.

Smart glove
Current technology to enable people with hearing or speech impairments to communicate just isn’t good enough and doesn’t fit many of their needs. This is why so much time and effort has clearly been invested into making BrightSign as customisable and flexible as possible.

What is possible, will amaze you, but it has taken the vision and imagination of Hadeel Ayoub, who is currently completing her PhD, and with a Master’s degree in Human Computer Interaction, and software developer and entrepreneur, Ed Hill, to make it a reality.

Imagine a parent hearing the words ‘I love you’ from their deaf child for the first time. Imagine a speech-disabled patient having private conversations with their doctor without a translator in the room. Imagine a deaf person walking into a coffee shop and being able to order on their own, without needing help from a friend. 

Now it’s actually happening.

BrightSign is the only smart glove in the world that can translate any sign language into any spoken language – instantly, and it can provide two-way communication too!

This is the direct result of having a motivated team with expertise in design, programming and technology who have dedicated years of research to develop an incredible product that may ultimately, give a voice to people who cannot speak.