Conference 2020’s mission is to go where no BAPO Conference has gone before!

BAPO Conference is being revamped for the new decade with lots of ambitious changes. The new compressed format will run over two days, making it easier than ever to attend, and feature even more high quality presenters than before.

Conference 2020 will also see the launch of the Charlie McLaughlin Research Award (CMRF) a memorial fund for up to three grants of £350 to support BAPO prosthetists and orthotists’ involvement in research activity.

We continue to run our annual free paper competition with a prize of £500 for each of the winning prosthetic and orthotic papers. Our new graduate free paper competition sees an opportunity for our newly qualified P&O’s to submit a paper and also win a £500 prize!

Why wouldn’t you enter?
Our annual poster competition is once again running, with £100 available for the best poster in each category. This is the perfect opportunity to present your work, without standing up in front of your pears. Posters can be brought on the day.

More information can be found at:

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