A national charity working to achieve access and inclusion for disabled people in Scotland.

We are a membership organisation that listen to the views of disabled people and champion on their behalf. We work to influence the policies of the Scottish Government, which affect how disabled people live, while working to encourage others to be inclusive and informed in their attitudes towards disabled people.

Access Panels
We are also the umbrella organisation for all disability access panels in Scotland. Access Panels are groups of volunteers who work together to improve physical access and wider social inclusion in their local communities. As the umbrella body for Access Panels, we offer support and training opportunities to help Access Panels operate more efficiently, link together as a network and learn from each other.

Online Information Hubs
We have worked in co-production with disabled people and disability organisations to develop a series of online hubs that provide useful information and resources in the following areas:

This hub provides articles on accessible transport in Scotland, including the rules and responsibilities of transport providers. The hub launched alongside the Accessible Travel Framework, a 10-year plan by Transport Scotland to improve travel access for disabled people.

Funded by the Scottish Government, the Disability Safety Hub aims to tackle the under-reporting of disability hate crimes. The hub hosts case studies, contacts and the latest campaigns to tackle hate crime in Scotland.

Inclusive communication means sharing information in a way that everybody can understand. Throughout this hub you will find helpful case studies and blogs from employers and individuals, details of training and the latest news on inclusive communication.

This hub aims to improve awareness and encourage the take-up of inclusive design in Scotland. An inclusive approach to design ensures that the built environment is accessible to as many people as possible.

To help shape Scotland’s future in accessibility and equality, take part in our weekly polls and consultations that are hosted on our Your Say on Disability website.

Easy Read is an accessible format that makes written information easier to understand because it uses simple, jargon-free language, shorter sentences and supporting images. We provide a professional and efficient Easy Read service to all sectors, as part of our commitment towards improving access to information for all.

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We want to hear about your experiences of accessibility, inclusion and equality, good or bad. This information helps us when we meet with key decision makers who are responsible for ensuring equality and human rights are in place within policies and the law.

If you are an individual or an organisation, it’s free to become a member and help to further our aims. By doing so you will receive a copy of our quarterly magazine, Open Door, our monthly electronic newsletter and the opportunity to have your say by completing our weekly polls.

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