Ottobock has created a line of running blades that includes a blade for active children and a running blade for adults that is suitable for jogging and those just starting out. The addition of these blades means Ottobock now offers more choice for amputees based on their running style, whether that is recreational jogging or competitive running.

1E93 (Runner Junior)

The range includes a junior running blade for active children allowing them to take part in regular physical education at school. The Runner Junior is perfect for supporting the child’s development in terms of training and competing with their peers.

As well as its lightweight carbon construction, the Runner Junior features an aesthetically appealing and streamline design. It is suitable for children up to the age of approximately 13 years or to a maximum weight of 45kg.
The Runner 1E91 can be used for both jogging and experienced running. It perfectly serves the needs of amputees with athletic ambition – from beginner to high performance levels. The blade is easy to handle and is therefore ideally suited to less experienced runners.
Both Runner blades are lightweight, durable and robust providing a powerful drive and a stable turning point. They have been coupled with an all-terrain, anti-skid sole that allows for running on different terrains – from gym flooring to grass fields. A spiked sole which is commonly used on running tracks is also available for the 1E91.

To guarantee the person is comfortable when running, the dynamics and spring stiffness of the blades can be adjusted to individual’s requirements by shifting the adapter alongside the carbon spring. By shifting it to an anterior position it gives a relaxed and comfortable running style by increasing spring deflection and a posterior position will allow for a more powerful run by increasing the forward prolusion.

This adaptation means that the 1E91 Runner blade is perfect for those who have been inspired to be more active and take on a more active lifestyle. It caters for the very first time they run as a beginner, providing them with stable footing and allowing them to rest on it. If they then want to up their game and do some more aggressive running they can make the adjustment for that extra power.

Philip Yates, Managing Director at Ottobock said, “We already have the 1E90 Sprinter which is the choice of many athletes, but we have now developed a range of running blades that suits an array of running styles and needs to help you start running, whether that is recreational jogging or competitive track racing”.

Emma Gillespie, Prosthetics Market Manager at Ottobock said, “Our blades are made from durable carbon fibre and have been rigorously tested to ensure they can withstand the power that is put through the blade when running so the person using it can have complete confidence in it”.

Whatever makes you complete, whether it is a leisurely jog, being active with your peers or starting out as a new athlete, there’s nothing like the feeling after a run – aim high, run happy.

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