The Sequal Trust has just celebrated it’s 50th year of supplying augmentative communication aids to disabled children and adults, throughout the UK, whose lives have been impacted by the loss of their natural voice, have extremely severe learning difficulties or are more or less housebound. These individuals have lost the power to interact socially or even just to express their most basic needs and wishes.

Children with such problems  are unable to access the education system  without the aid of technology. Their motor and social skills will be adversely affected and their path in life will be more of a struggle than for others. Elderly people can become isolated and restricted without the means to join in conversations and our aim is to turn  all these negatives into positives.

The difficulty is that we have to raise the funds to purchase each piece of much needed equipment and whilst this process has always been a hard one, the recent and unusual circumstances caused by the Covid-19 situation, have added greater strains on many charities. That is why we need as much help as possible, by way of monetary donations, in order that we may continue issuing these life-changing devices to those in need.

Some of the more disabled children and adults who, apart from being unable to vocalise, also have no use of their limbs and so eye operated devices are required and these, along with wheelchair mounts, can cost around £8k plus. When we are fund raising to help , on average, 20 people at any one time, the total cost required soon mounts up!

If you can help by donating a few pounds towards the cost of these much needed devices, then please don’t hesitate to either contact this office, send in a cheque, or visit our website and press the Donate button!