SSAFA’s Mentoring service was initially launched in 2014 to support individuals discharged from Military service as wounded, injured or sick (WIS). Now, SSAFA’s Mentoring service helps all of those who struggle to transition to civilian life, providing long-term, one-to-one support. Available for up to two years post-discharge, it helps build confidence and motivation, advising on accommodation, careers and finance.

In 2020, Jamie McGuin received support after he was medically discharged with a back injury following an 11 year Royal Navy career. At the height of the pandemic, with no job, accommodation or support network, Jamie turned to SSAFA for help. Now, with tailored advice from his mentor, he has landed a job in telecoms and is about to purchase his first home:

“I needed something solid to fall back on and felt like SSAFA could help me reach the right point. I connected with SSAFA’s Mentoring Service Manager and was assigned my own mentor, Barry. 

“Being ex-Forces, Barry knew what it was like to leave the Military. He gave non-biased advice, listened openly and really helped me out. He was able to offer advice and empower me to think for myself.

“I reached out to a few places for help, but SSAFA opened its arms to me straightaway. It’s worked for me.”